Donald Judd Art and Works © Judd Foundation-Courtesy Judd Foundation Archive Art ©Roni Horn, ©John Chamberlain, ©Claes Oldenburg-Courtesy Chinati Foundation Archive Art © David Novros All Rights Reserved 2011

Marfa Voices, a short documentary film created in 2007 by Judd's daughter, Rainer, portrays an intimate and unique view of the artist. A graduate of New York University in Film, Ms. Judd has worked with directors such as Francis Coppola and Gus van Sant, both in front of and behind the camera. She became co-executor of the Judd Estate in 1994. In 1996, she became a founding trustee of Judd Foundation and now serves, with her brother, Flavin Judd, as Co-President of the Board of Directors. The film, Marfa Voices, which Ms. Judd co-directed with filmmaker and oral historian Karen Bernstein, features excerpts from these interviews. The result is a collection of vivid anecdotes and personal reflections by Marfa residents who have special connections to Judd's artistic practice, as well as his life as a townsperson for nearly 20 years.